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Are you up for an adventure?

Welcome to Yenefan, a fantasy world currently being under development. This project begun at 2017 and we are excited about its capabilities, story and gameplay features. Stay tuned as we unveil more details!

About the game

To some it is a religion. To other, it’s just legendary stories. To the rest, it’s simply a bed-time story. But the truth is that the Four Elemental Crystals that once were used to build the world really existed. Now, after centuries they have fallen again onto Yenefan, causing chaos this time. Those who still believe in the Ancient Prophecies, have been keeping their eyes on the sky. One of them states that whoever collects the Crystals will gain unlimited power to their four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Their mission is not easy though, cause the crystals have been scattered across the four corners of Yenefan. The four heroes do not have any other option, as if they will refuse the King will “simply let them rot” in his Kingdom’s Dungeons. What a dimwit!

Meet Our Characters


Follow Larvi, Taslar, Melliora and Delphic on their epic journey to find the Four Elemental Crystals that have fallen onto the world of Yenefan.


In this single-player action-adventure RPG, take control of the four characters, each with unique abilities, to fight against a variety of enemies across different environments.


We could brag about awards, but hey – we haven’t got any. Yet!